New Hangers Featured By YouTuber Madeline

Madeline with White Non-Slip Metal Hanger and Jumper

Wardrobe Decluttering Tips 2022

Our new white version of the hugely popular Non-Slip Jumper & Knitwear Hanger has been featured in a brilliant new video from YouTuber Madeline!

Madeline is a Transylvania-born mum, now living in the UK with her husband and three year old boy, Victor. She runs the fast-growing YouTube channel Madeline Vlogs, which currently has 14.3k subscribers.

White Non-Slip Metal Jumper Hangers On Bed

Her videos feature a wide range of cleaning, decluttering, organising and parenting tips.

In her latest video, Madeline takes her viewers through the process of decluttering her wardrobe. One key element of the sort-out is our metal non-slip hangers, which she uses in one half of her wardrobe to hang her jumpers, knitwear and delicates.

Madeline sings her praises for the hangers. In the video, she talks about how the gentle crescent-shaped curve of the hangers, combined with the non-slip material, prevents shoulder bumps appearing in her garments. She also talks about the hangers strength, and their narrow profile.

Jumper Knitwear Hanger, Non-Slip Rubber Coating on Chrome Metal Frame, 41cm, White x 5Jumper Knitwear Hanger, Non-Slip Rubber Coating on Chrome Metal Frame, 41cm, White

The black version of this hanger style has long been a top seller on The Hanger Store. This new version is perfect for creating a lighter and brighter wardrobe. They look brilliant in Madeline’s closet.

White Non-Slip Jumper Hangers With Garments On in Wardrobe

In the other half of Madeline’s wardrobe, we notice she is also using black slimline velvet hangers. This is another extremely popular item on The Hanger Store. They are really versatile, great value, and save a huge amount of space.

You can watch the video, which includes a discount code, here:

Madeline’s Wardrobe Decluttering Tips 2022

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