Top Christmas Gift Ideas 2021

Christmas tree and presents

Somehow, Christmas has snuck up on us once again!

Although coat hangers are unlikely to be right at the top of too many people’s Christmas list, The Hanger Store does stock numerous useful items that make excellent Christmas presents.

A wooden tie hanger, for example, may not be as exciting as a PS5, or as glamourous as a new necklace. But it is every bit as useful and thoughtful.

Practical everyday items are always greatly appreciated at Christmas. Where would we be without that perennial pair of socks? Here’s just a few of our top Christmas gift ideas available at The Hanger Store.

1. 7 Shelf Hanging Wardrobe Organiser

A simple yet brilliantly effective bedroom storage solution.

Our hanging wardrobe organiser can be hung from any standard clothes rail using the Velcro strap. Within seconds of removing its packaging, you have something ready to help improve the tidiness and organisation of any bedroom. It is especially valuable in rooms where there is a lack of existing shelving or drawer storage.

The unit has 7 shelves. 3 are full size, so perfect for things like jumpers, shirts or trousers. 4 are split, giving you 8 half-size compartments – perfect for things like shoes, or smaller items like socks, underwear, scarves or other accessories. At just £6.99, our hanging closet is remarkable value. Manufactured to the highest of standards, we stock this item in two smart and attractive colours – cream or black.

Hanging Wardrobe Organiser, 7 shelves

2. Wooden Tie Hanger & Premium Wooden Tie Rack

We sell a range of accessory hangers and these are two of our most popular.

Ties can so often get lost at the back of a drawer, or left in a pocket, or buried at the bottom of a wardrobe. When not stored properly, they can create clutter and take up valuable space. They can also become damaged and creased if not taken care of.

Our wooden tie racks solve this problem. They allow you to keep all your ties in one place. Neatly stored and easily accessible. The standard version has 20 chrome-plated tie hooks, whilst the premium version has 24 hooks, each of which swivels out.

Made from high quality sustainable lotus wood and anti-rust chrome plated metal, they also look fantastic. They are one of those items you don’t realise you need until you have one – this makes them a perfect gift for anyone with more than one tie.

Tie Holder Rack with TiesPremium Wooden Tie Hanger, holds 24+ Ties, Natural Wood, in use angled

3. Wooden Belt Rack

Much like ties, belts are one of those accessories that are all too often tucked away somewhere, anywhere. They get lost, they create clutter, they unravel and take up half your sock drawer!

This stunning belt hanger has 12 hooks, allowing you to store all your belts in one place.

It can be hung on a clothes rail alongside your shirts and jackets, and thanks to the swivel hook is easily accessible. It is similar in design to our Premium Wooden Tie Rack, and would look fantastic alongside it.

Wooden Belt Hanger/Rack

4. Premium Wooden Suit Hanger with Broad Ends

A hanger so well made and so classically stylish it deserves to be a wrapped up and given as a present!

This is a superb all-round hanger, capable of hanging most adult garments. It is best suited to your very best outfits. The broad ends and angled design will hold and accentuate the natural shape of your best jackets and shirts, showing them off to their full potential. It will also prevent bumps and creases in the shoulders.

Broad Wooden Suit Hanger

5. Luxury Whitewash Beechwood Jacket Hanger

Quite simply, this is a beautiful premium quality coat hanger.

The beechwood construction makes it solid, heavy, and capable of holding heavy coats and jackets.

The whitewash finish and extra chunky chrome-plated hook give it a truly luxurious appearance. The unique quality of this hanger makes it an excellent gift idea. It is worthy of the finest outfits and will elevate the look of any wardrobe.

39cm White Wash Beechwood Jacket Hanger - 24

6. 5-Tier Metal Trouser Hanger

Five pairs of jeans or trousers can take up the best part of an entire drawer.

This multi-bar trouser hanger is a simple yet stunningly effective space-saver. It allows you to hang up to 5 pairs of trousers on one hanger, freeing up a huge amount of drawer space or reducing the number of hangers you need. It benefits from a stylish contemporary design with non-slip rubber grips on each bar.

Space-Saver 5-Tier Trouser Hanger, Metal with Non Slip Bars, in use with jeansSpace-Saver 5-Tier Trouser Hanger, Metal with Non Slip Bars

7. Metal Non-Slip Scarf & Accessory Hanger

Everyone’s been given scarves for Christmas. Probably lots of them.

So why not give this sleek and stylish storage solution instead?

We sell them as a set of 2, with each hanger able to hold at least 2 scarves. They can also be used to store belts and other accessories. The black rubber non-slip not only adds to the attractive design – it is also extremely effective at preventing your items ending up on the floor.

Scarf Hanger/Belt Hanger, Set of 2, Metal with Soft Non-Slip Coating

8. Velvet Flocked Clothes Hangers

This is one of our most popular styles of hanger.

Versatile, incredible value, great looking, and one of the most effective wardrobe space savers money can buy.

We sell the adult version of this product in 6 distinctive colours, ranging from the dark and neutral black, through to the bright and vibrant pink.

A pack of plastic clothes hangers might not seem like an obvious gift, but whoever the lucky recipient of these is will be getting a chance to transform their wardrobe. A great everyday item, but definitely one of our top Christmas gift ideas.

Velvet flocked, slimline knitwear hangers, multiple colours, 42cm 403-140Velvet flocked, slimline knitwear hangers, multiple colours, grey, 42cm 403-146Velvet flocked, slimline knitwear hangers, multiple colours, purple, 42cm, 403-152Velvet flocked, slimline knitwear hangers, multiple colours, pink, 42cm, 403-158velvet flocked hanger 403 164White Velvet Coat Hanger, Slimline & Space-Saving, 42cm

We hope this list of Top Christmas Gift Ideas at The Hanger Store is useful. If you have any questions, The Hanger Store’s expert team are here to help. Please drop us an email at or call us on +44 (0)1245 253434.

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