Top 10 Best Wooden Coat Hangers 2021

jackets hanging on wooden hangers

Wooden coat hangers cannot be beaten on looks.

Although we stock a wide range of hangers made from all kinds of materials – plastic, metal, even recycled paper fibres – when it comes to making your wardrobe look as smart as possible it just has to be wood.

In addition to their superior aesthetics, the high-quality wooden hangers that we offer will last you longer than most plastic equivalents. They are built to last.

Also, there is a wider variety of wooden hangers available than you might realise. Efficient clothes storage requires versatility, and there is sure to be a wooden hanger to suit your need.

Whether you are looking to hang shirts, trousers, dresses, smart jackets, large coats, suits, skirts or ties, we have a wooden hanger to do the job. Our list of the Best Wooden Coat Hangers 2021 is here to help you find the best hanger for your requirements.

At first, all clothes hangers can look the same. Hopefully, this list will help simplify your search. Although we stock a huge range beyond this Top 10, the hangers in this list should cover all bases – whatever clothes you need to hang and whatever look you are going for.

1. Economy Flat Wooden Suit Hanger

We stock so many wooden coat hangers, many of which look a lot like this one!

The reason this one tops the list of our Best Wooden Coat Hangers is due to its value and versatility.

Despite being made from a slightly lower-cost wood to our premium Angled Wooden Suit Hanger, it is still a well-made and high-quality clothes hanger. You may notice a few more knots in the wood, but these do not affect the functionality of the hanger and we think they add some character. The result is a great quality hanger, which will look fantastic in your wardrobe, at an outstanding price.

These hangers are truly multipurpose. Suitable for holding shirts, jackets, blouses, coats, jumpers etc. The hanger also has a trouser bar, making it ideal for hanging suits.

The arms also have notches, allowing storage of items with loops and straps, such as dresses. An added advantage is that the hangers are flat, unlike some of our more expensive hangers, which are often angled. This means they take up less space on your clothes rail for more efficient clothes storage. For this reason, they also appear on our list of Top 10 Wardrobe Space Saving Ideas 2021.

2. Wooden Trouser & Skirt Clip Hangers

As already mentioned, the main advantages of wooden hangers are superior quality and great looks. If these two criteria are your main requirements, then wooden clip hangers are an essential purchase.

It is fair to say that there are more space-efficient, multipurpose hangers out there – such as the wooden suit hangers already listed (which can hold both tops and bottoms at the same time). However, wooden clip hangers look extremely stylish in any wardrobe. They also hold garments firmly in place – there is no danger of your trousers or skirts sliding off the hanger.

They also have an advantage in that they are made from just one solid piece of wood, unlike most wooden hangers. This lack of joints means less potential weak points, and therefore a longer lifespan.

Our wooden clip hangers come in black, white, walnut/dark, and natural wood. They feature strong clips with rubber ends to protect your garments from damage, and the hook rotates 360 degrees to make accessing your clothes even easier. They are made from high quality sustainable lotus wood, and durable anti-rust chrome plated metal.

Suitable for holding garments such as trousers and skirts, they are also able to hang other items, including towels, sheets, scarves and blankets. The movable clips mean they can hold many different sizes.

wooden hangers black wood 402 418wooden walnut hanger trouser with clips 35cm 402-778wooden hanger white trouser with clips 402-468

3. Wooden Suit Hanger with Non-Slip Trouser Bar

Similar in many ways to the Economy Flat Wooden Suit Hanger that we’ve already listed – this hanger can be seen as a more premium version.

This is a highly versatile hanger, able to store tops and bottoms at the same time, and so is perfect for hanging suits.

The trouser bar has a serrated rubber non-slip grip, which will hold your trousers firmly in place whilst also protecting them from damage. It also has arm notches, for hanging items with loops and straps.

The hanger is made from premium materials, which brings a clean and classy look to your wardrobe. The hanger is also angled slightly, unlike the flat economy alternative, which helps maintain the natural shape of your garments and gives them a fuller appearance when hanging. If you had to pick one hanger that does it all, looks great, and last for many years, this might just be the one.

4. Broad-Ended Suit Hanger

The best wooden hanger for storing your quality jackets and suits.

These stylish looking wooden coat hangers have broad, bulbous ends and an angled shape. This helps to preserve the natural shape of your clothes whilst hanging.

The trouser bar, with non-slip rubber grip, makes this a perfect coat hanger for suits and other two-piece outfits. High-quality and built to last, these premium wooden hangers bring an element of class to any wardrobe. Also, thanks to their solid design and thicker build, they are well-suited to hanging heavier items such as coats.

5. Wooden Children’s Hanger

For a smart looking and well organised kids’ wardrobe, these are the best children’s coat hangers to start with.

Complete with a trouser bar and notches on the arms, they are suitable for hanging most baby and children’s clothing. They are perfect for storing shirts, jumpers, coats, trousers, dresses and baby grows, from new-born baby right through to toddler size.

Although we do stock other high-quality baby hangers, including our Wooden Children’s Clip Hanger, these are the most versatile and space-efficient. They also come in a choice of colours – white, black or natural – so there is something to suit all wardrobes.

wooden hangers white wood 402 462

6. Wooden Suit Hanger with Metal Clips

This is another versatile wooden coat hanger, suitable for hanging shirts, jackets, trousers, skirts, dresses, and coats. It is an excellent option for hanging suits. The clips make it suitable for storing either trousers or skirts, and the angled design helps maintain the natural shape of your best quality jackets.

wooden hangers natural wood 402 616

7. Wooden Tie Hanger

Keeping your ties organised seems like such a simple idea, but it can make a huge difference and save valuable drawer space.

It is so easy for ties to get lost or creased when they get stashed away in a drawer.

We stock a range of accessory hangers, with this tie hanger arguably the best for its great value and simplicity.

With its attractive wooden design and anti-rust chrome plated metal hooks, it can store up to 20 ties. It also features in our Top 10 Wardrobe Space Saving Ideas 2021 list.

8. 44cm Coat Hanger with Non-Slip Grips

A simple and highly useful wooden tops hanger.

This wooden adult coat hanger can be used for storing all tops. However, the subtle clear rubber non-slip strips make it especially well suited to items that have a tendency to slip.

This is one of our best wooden hangers for jumpers, dresses, and blouses. It is available in black and natural wood, to help it fit in with the look of your closet.

wooden hangers natural wood 402 60444cm Black Wooden Non-Slip Coat Hanger - 100

9. ‘Scandi Chic’ Laminated Wooden Suit Hanger

Similar to our other wooden suit hangers with trouser bars in what they can do – but with an eye-catching difference in how them look.

With their simple, modern, Scandinavian-inspired design, these laminated wooden coat hangers look incredibly stylish. For certain wardrobe and bedroom looks, this might be exactly the kind of hanger style you are searching for.

They are an excellent multipurpose wooden hanger, with a rubber-coated non-slip trouser bar and arm notches. They are suitable for a wide range of clothing, including shirts, jumpers, trousers, coats, jackets, dresses, T-shirts and blouses.

Also, due to their flat design, they allow you to fit more hangers on one clothes rail, making the best use of space. For this reason, they also feature in our Top 10 Wardrobe Space Saving Ideas 2021 list.

42cm scandi chic wooden suit hanger 402 676

10. Whitewash Beechwood Jacket Hanger

A premium wooden hanger, perfect for your best items of clothing.

Made from the highest quality European beechwood, this thick and solid hanger is built to last and able to handle heavier items.

At 39cm it is most suitable for ladies clothing and smaller garments. With its beautiful whitewash appearance, it is ideally suited to quality items and special occasion wear. It is a popular choice for wedding dresses, suit jackets, and designer coats.

wooden hangers white wash beech 404 646

We hope our Top 10 Best Wooden Coat Hangers 2021 list is useful in helping you make the right hanger buying decisions for your wardrobe.

If you have any questions, The Hanger Store’s expert team are here to help. Please drop us an email at or call us on +44 (0)1245 253434.

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