Top 10 Best Suit Hangers 2021

Whether you are hanging a suit at home, need to travel with an outfit for business, or are going away for a wedding, you want the best suit hangers available.

It is also a big advantage to be able to store more than one part of your outfit on one hanger.

Luckily, there are many options. We stock suit hangers to meet any requirements. Whether your priority is quality, looks, space saving, cost, garment care, or a combination of these criteria. This list features what we think are the best options that we currently stock. We hope it helps you in your search for the best suit hangers.

1. Wooden Suit Hanger with Non-Slip Trouser Bar

If you were going to pick one hanger that does everything, this might just be the one.

This is a high-quality multipurpose coat hanger, made from sustainable lotus wood. Its classic design and natural finish will enhance the look of your wardrobe instantly.

It is a perfect hanger for suits thanks to its non-slip trouser bar, which allows you to hang a jacket and pair of trousers on the same hanger. The arms also have notches, which allow the hanging of items with straps or loops, such as dresses and skirts.

The angled design helps to preserve the natural shape of your jackets. A simple, classic, versatile, and outstanding value coat hanger.

2. Slimline Plastic Suit Hanger with Non-Slip Grips

An innovative and highly versatile hanger. This stylish and inexpensive hanger can do everything.

Despite its slim profile, this coat hanger is strong and durable thanks to the high-quality plastic used to manufacture it.

It can hang all kinds of tops and has non-slip rubber grips on each arm to hold your garments firmly in place.

It can also store bottoms thanks to the trouser bar, which also has a non-slip strip.

There is also an additional bar and slot at the top of the hanger, which allows you to hang other accessories such as ties, belts and scarves. And if that wasn’t enough, it also has hooks under each arm for garments with loops or straps.

Its ability to hang jackets, accessories, and either trousers or a skirt, makes it perfect for storing a suit or smart outfit on a trip away. It is also a great solution where storage space is limited at home. The ability to hang multiple items, combined with its slimline design, makes for an outstanding space saving solution.

3. Eco Fibreboard Suit Hanger

People are looking at ways to reduce their environmental impact in all areas of their lives these days, and rightly so. Climate change and sustainability represent the greatest threats to our future.

Hangers are one of those items that get used every day by billions of people all around the world, with many giving them little thought. Unsurprisingly, there are some truly terrifying statistics regarding the number of clothes hangers that end up in landfill each year. When you consider that most of these hangers are plastic, usually the type that come with your new clothes and are not reused, it becomes clear that something needs to change.

Our eco-friendly coat hangers are a huge step forward, and they are currently the leading green choice for hanging clothes.

They are made from 100% reclaimed FSC-approved paper fibres. They are 100% recyclable through your household recycling. And they are entirely biodegradable. Even the printing on the hanger is done with vegetable-based inks.

In addition to being an extremely environmentally friendly and sustainable coat hanger, our Eco Fibreboard hangers are a highly functional product. They are just as strong as most traditional hangers, extremely durable, and their narrow profile makes them a great space saver. They also look great.

This hanger is perfect for hanging suits thanks to the trouser bar.

4. Broad Ended Metal Non-Slip Suit Hanger

This is a high-quality coat hanger, perfect for hanging suits, with many excellent reasons to add some to your wardrobe.

They are made from a strong and durable metal, which is able to handle heavier garments.

They have a rubber non-slip coating, which holds your clothes firmly in place and helps prevent damage caused by slipping and stretching.

The broad ends of the hanger arms help preserve the natural shape of your jackets. Combined with the gentle curves of the hanger ends, this helps prevent bumps and creases from forming.

They are also highly versatile. With their strong arms, trouser bar, and hooks (for garments with straps and loops), they can hang most types of clothing. Because of their ability to hold a jacket and trousers/skirt at the same time, and due to their damage risk-eliminating qualities, they are without doubt one of the best suit hangers available.

Bar and Hooks - 250

5. Broad Ended 45cm Wooden Suit Hanger

This is a premium quality wooden coat hanger.

It may cost slightly more and take up a bit more space than the other hangers on this list, but this hanger will look after your best outfits for many years.

Its strong construction will hold any jacket or coat, whilst the broad and bulbous ends will help preserve the shape of your best garments and prevent bumps and creases.

The trouser bar has a serrated non-slip rubber grip. This will prevent slipping, whether you are storing your suit at home or on a business trip. If you are willing to spend that little bit more for quality, and space isn’t your primary concern, this is the best suit hanger that we sell.

6. Wooden Suit Hanger with Metal Clips

A high quality and extremely versatile hanger, capable of hanging most types of clothing.

This 44cm natural wooden hanger can store tops and jackets like any other standard coat hanger. However, rather than a conventional trouser bar, this hanger has a metal bar with clips. Some garments, such as skirts, are far easier to hang with clips. So, whilst trousers can still be easily hung with the clips, this is arguably a far better option if you want to hang a skirt with your jacket or shirt.

The clips provide a strong grip and are rubber-dipped, so your garments will be held firmly in place without the risk of damage. This is a perfect hanger for storing suits or any other two-piece outfit.

wooden hangers natural wood 402 616

7. ‘Scandi Chic’ Laminated Wooden Suit Hanger

This is another great option for hanging suits.

It benefits from many of the same features as other hangers in this list. It has a gentle curve to prevent shoulder bumps, a non-slip trouser bar, notches for hanging skirts and dresses, a 360-degree rotatable hook, and a flat design that is great for wardrobe space saving.

However, it does have a strikingly different appearance.

Our ‘Scandi Chic’ range draws inspiration from clean, simple and modern Scandinavian design. They bring an element of minimalist elegance to any wardrobe or clothes rail.

This hanger is perfect for hanging suits and is manufactured to a high specification, ensuring many years of use.

42cm scandi chic wooden suit hanger 402 676

8. Velvet Flocked Slimline Adult Hangers

This is one of our best-selling hanger styles, and with good reason.

Our velvet flocked coat hangers are outstanding value. They are versatile, well made, non-slip, and with their slim profile they are an extremely effective space saver. They also featured in our Top 10 Wardrobe Space Saving Ideas 2021 list.

Able to hold multiple garments at any one time, such as a jacket and trousers, they are ideally suited for hanging suits. Also, unlike most other suit hangers on this list, it features an additional bar for hanging accessories like belts or ties. Without doubt one of the best value hangers we stock, and definitely one of the best suit hangers.

Velvet flocked, slimline knitwear hangers, multiple colours, 42cm 403-140Velvet flocked, slimline knitwear hangers, multiple colours, grey, 42cm 403-146velvet flocked hanger 403 152Velvet flocked, slimline knitwear hangers, multiple colours, pink, 42cm, 403-158velvet flocked hanger 403 164

9. Heavy Duty Plastic Multipurpose Coat Hanger

This is another low-cost option as a suit hanger, with some excellent benefits.

This multipurpose coat hanger is made from a high-quality toughened polypropylene, giving it extra strength and durability. It is also able to hold heavier items. It is not brittle and will not snap easily, like so many plastic hangers. This is a plastic hanger that is built to last.

The hanger has a strong trouser bar, notches for garments with straps and loops, and even an extra bar underneath the hook for storing belts and ties.

Despite its strength it is slim and light, which makes it a great space saver and ideal for carrying and travel. This coat hanger is also made in the UK, which means less product miles and therefore less environmental impact. Support British manufacturing whilst helping the planet, just from buying a great quality hanger!

plastic hangers multipurpose hangers 400 213plastic hangers multipurpose hangers 400 21541cm Rainbow Multipurpose Suit Hanger - Blue - 350plastic hangers multipurpose hangers 400 219 greenplastic hangers multipurpose hangers 400 221plastic hangers multipurpose hangers 400 225

10. 42cm Broad Ended Plastic Suit Hanger

If you have ever hired a suit for a wedding or special event, it’s likely that you would have picked your outfit up on a hanger similar to this one. And there’s a reason why – they do the job extremely well.

The hanger has broad arms with extra wide ends. It is also angled and has gently rounded edges. All this serves to preserve the natural shape of your smart jackets, and to prevent bumps and creases forming in the arms and shoulders.

The hanger also has a strong trouser bar, and underhooks for hanging garments with straps and loops, such as dresses and skirts. Its strong U-shape construction is built to last and will comfortably handle heavier items. Thanks to this strength it is perfect for hanging whole outfits and suits, and is ideal for using in conjunction with one of our garment covers or suit travel bags.

black plastic jacket, suit hanger 404-114

Recommended Product: Premium Travel Suit Cover

We sell a range of dress covers and suit bags to meet most requirements.

Our Premium Travel Suit Cover provides a superb level of safe storage for your outfits whilst on the move.

It is made using a high-quality breathable material, which allows air to circulate whilst protecting your garments from damage.

When folded in ‘Transit Mode’, it can be easily carried by the handles. The outer layer also provides protection from rain and other liquids.

It also has pocket space to store any accessories. This premium quality suit cover is outstanding value and can be used in conjunction with any of the hangers on this list, except for the Eco Fibreboard Suit Hanger.

We hope our Top 10 Best Suit Hangers 2021 list is useful in helping you choose the right hanger for your suit storage needs.

If you have any questions, The Hanger Store’s expert team are here to help. Please drop us an email at or call us on +44 (0)1245 253434.

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