The Hanger Store Gets FSC Certification – Working Towards A Sustainable Future

CDC, the parent company of The Hanger Store, is proud to have earned FSC® certification, marking a major step forward in our mission of working towards a sustainable future for hangers.

FSC – the Forest Stewardship Council® – is the worlds most widespread, trusted, and recognised certification programme for sustainable forest management.

The FSC logo is a sure sign that every stage of a product’s supply chain is managed in order to ensure Forests For All Forever.

The world’s forests are a precious resource. We need the materials they provide – not least for things like clothes hangers! However, the consequences of not managing them properly are unthinkable. Animals would lose their habitat and be pushed to extinction, climate change would accelerate, and water sources could become polluted.

Sustainable Forest FSC

FSC strives to ensure these forests are maintained for future generations. As an independent certification, it can be trusted to follow high standards free from outside influence.

Our certification is one of the first by a major UK hanger supplier.

We currently stock a range of FSC-approved Eco Fibreboard hangers, made from reclaimed paper fibres. However, our range of FSC products will be growing over the coming months.

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Eco Fibreboard Sustainable Recycled Suit HangerEco-Friendly Children's Hanger, 30cm, from Recyclable Paper FibreboardEco-Friendly Coat Hanger, 43cm, from Recyclable Paper Fibreboard

The Hanger Store's FSC certification mark in green

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