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Sustainable FSC® Wooden Hangers

Capture carbon in your closet with our range of sustainable FSC wooden hangers. Responsible management of the world’s woodlands is essential for the future of our planet  The FSC mark is the most recognised and trusted certification of sustainable forest management.

All the hangers in this section are made using FSC-certified wood. This guarantees that they are sourced from responsibly managed forests and have a sustainable supply chain.

The more sustainable FSC wooden hangers you buy, the better for the environment because:

  • your hangers continue to hold their carbon; and
  • replacement forest planting gets to work on sucking even more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

So we’re proud to offer this more eco-friendly option for buying clothes hangers.

The Hanger Store's FSC certification mark in green
The Hanger Store is certified to sell FSC-approved products. This is our unique License Code.
From £1.38 each inc. VAT and Carriage
From £1.38 each inc. VAT and Carriage
From £5.04 each inc. VAT and Carriage