New Hanger Variations Just Launched

Group pic of white and grey RCT43 plastic hangers.

The Hanger Store is pleased to announce the availability of two new variations of one of our best selling plastic hangers.

We are launching a white and a grey version of our 43cm strong plastic hanger with notches.

Angled picture of white plastic clothes hanger with notchesAngles image of grey plastic clothes hanger with notches

The black version of the RCT43 has long been one of our most popular hangers with fashion brands and retailers.

Angled image of black plastic clothes hanger with notches

It’s popularity is primarily due to it’s great versatility. It’s sturdy arms and notches make it a good option for most types of adult tops. It is also outstanding value, and with it’s U-shaped construction it offers far more strength and durability than many similarly priced plastic hangers.

Also, they have a prominent and purposefully placed flat surface below the hook. This makes these best selling plastic hangers perfectly suited to logo printing and other branding.

Closeup angled image of white plastic clothes hangerAngled closeup picture of grey plastic clothes hanger

The new white and grey options make this outstanding value hanger a more appropriate choice for many more in-store colour schemes. The white version will look bright, clean, fresh and modern. It would look great with black or coloured ink printing. Grey is also an excellent backdrop for printing. Also, it offers something slightly more unusual.

This great value and versatile clothes hanger is ideally suited for retail.

If you are a fashion brand, retailer, or other business looking for bulk hangers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team can be reached on or 01245 253420.

Closeup group photo of 5 white plastic clothes hangers with notchesGroup photo of 5 grey plastic clothes hangers

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