Introducing Our New FSC® Slimline Wooden Hanger Range

Slimline Wooden Children's Hangers - Closeup Image

We have just launched a really exciting new style of clothes hanger – our FSC-certified Slimline Wooden Hanger range.

Save Space With Style

Slim profile hangers have long been recognised as an extremely effective space saving tool, with our Slimline Velvet Hangers range proving especially popular.

However, wood cannot be beaten when it comes to looks. Wooden hangers have always remained the top choice where space and budget is less of a concern.

This brilliant new hanger collection combines the best of both worlds – the premium, natural, luxury aesthetics of wood, with the slimline space saving qualities of plastic or metal alternatives.

FSC-Certified Wood

Another great benefit is that they are all made from FSC-certified rubber wood. This means you can buy in the knowledge that the wood used in these products is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

We currently have 5 options to choose from in our Slimline Wooden Hanger Range.

Slimline Wooden Suit Hanger Angled Image

Slimline Wooden Suit Hanger

This truly multipurpose 44cm hanger is perfect for most types of adult clothing. This includes jackets, shirts, coats, trousers, dresses, jumpers, skirts and jeans.

Slimline Wooden Drop Bar Hanger FSC Angled Pic

Slimline Wooden Drop Bar Suit Hanger

Another multipurpose adult hanger. This one has a stylish alternative design of drop bar.

Slimline Wooden Clip Hanger with Metal Clips

Slimline Wooden Clip Hanger

This 35cm clip hanger is primarily used for trousers and skirts, but is also brilliant for many other garments and household items.

Slimline Wooden Children's Hanger Angled Image

Slimline Children’s Clothes Hanger

At 30cm wide, this kids hanger is suitable for most types of children’s clothing – from new born baby up to school age.

Slimline Wooden Tops Hanger Angled Image

Slimline Adult Tops Hanger

This 44cm hanger is perfect for hanging most types of adult tops, including jumpers, shirts, jackets, coats, cardigans etc. The notches also enable the hanging of garments with straps or loops, such as dresses.

More About FSC

FSC – the Forest Stewardship Council® – is the worlds most widespread, trusted, and recognised certification programme for sustainable forest management.

The FSC logo is a sure sign that every stage of a product’s supply chain is managed in order to ensure Forests For All Forever.

FSC strives to ensure these forests are maintained for future generations. As an independent certification, it can be trusted to follow high standards free from outside influence.

The Hanger Store's FSC certification mark in green

These new slimline wooden hangers form part of our growing range of more eco-friendly hanger options, including other FSC-certified wooden and fibreboard products, and plastic hangers with a higher recycled content.

FSC® certified products available upon request.

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