A Better Product at a Lower Price!

At The Hanger Store we are committed to bringing you the BEST products possible at the LOWEST [...]

The Hanger Store Will Be At APDO Conference 2024

Once again, The Hanger Store will be running and sponsoring the cloakroom at the APDO [...]

New Hanger Variations Just Launched

The Hanger Store is pleased to announce the availability of two new variations of one [...]

APDO Conference 2023 – The Hanger Store to Sponsor Cloakroom

The Hanger Store will be the official sponsor of the APDO Conference 2023 cloakroom. APDO [...]

Introducing Our New FSC® Slimline Wooden Hanger Range

We have just launched a really exciting new style of clothes hanger – our FSC-certified [...]

Recycled Plastic Hangers – New Range Boasts 90%+ Recycled Content

Our new range of 90%+ recycled plastic hangers is another great option for customers who [...]

The Hanger Store Gets FSC Certification – Working Towards A Sustainable Future

CDC, the parent company of The Hanger Store, is proud to have earned FSC® certification, [...]

Our Non-Slip Metal Hangers Featured In The Guardian

Our hugely popular non-slip metal jumper & knitwear hangers have been featured by The Guardian [...]

Best Wardrobe Decluttering Products 2022

It’s always a good time to declutter and organise your wardrobe. However, with the weather [...]

The Hanger Store is Sponsoring APDO Conference 2022

The Hanger Store is proud to be sponsoring the APDO Conference 2022! APDO – the [...]