Best Wardrobe Decluttering Products 2022

Black Velvet Hangers On Rail With Garments

It’s always a good time to declutter and organise your wardrobe. However, with the weather warming up and those winter jumpers suddenly seeming to take up way too much space, now is an especially perfect time.

We are big on wardrobe organisation at The Hanger Store, and we stock a wide range of products to help you save space, tidy, and declutter your closet.

Here’s our list of the Best Wardrobe Decluttering Products 2022.

1. Slimline Velvet Hangers

Slimline velvet flocked hangers are possibly the single most powerful and cost-effective wardrobe decluttering tool.

One immediate advantage is that they are extremely affordable. Far cheaper than wooden hangers.

They are also incredibly versatile – able to hold tops, dresses, trousers, ties, belts, scarves, jumpers, jackets and more. The non-slip material prevents slipping and stretching. Plus, they look super-smart when matching!

However, their main advantage as a wardrobe decluttering and organising tool is their incredible space saving ability. With their slim 5mm width and flat shape, you can fit many more hangers on one rail than most standard hangers. People are blown away when they see just how much space can be saved by making the simple switch to matching slimline velvet hangers.

We stock a wide range of colours, so there is something to suit every wardrobe. We also have a smaller 30cm version for children’s clothing.

Velvet flocked, slimline knitwear hangers, multiple colours, 42cm 403-140Velvet flocked, slimline knitwear hangers, multiple colours, pink, 42cm, 403-158Velvet flocked, slimline knitwear hangers, multiple colours, grey, 42cm 403-14642cm slimline velvet flocked coat hanger whitevelvet flocked hanger 403 164velvet flocked hanger 403 152velvet flocked hanger 406 170Children’s Pink Velvet Hanger, 30cm, SlimlineChildren’s Purple Velvet Hanger, 30cm, SlimlineChildren’s Black Velvet Hanger, 30cm, SlimlineChildren’s White Velvet Hanger, 30cm, SlimlineChildren’s Grey Velvet Hanger, 30cm, Slimline

2. Non-Slip Metal Hangers

It’s not a straight choice between plastic/velvet and wood. Metal hangers get a lot of bad press, largely thanks to the old style wire hangers. But our range of rubber coated non-slip metal hangers are a brilliant product. Perfect for a wardrobe decluttering mission.

They are tough and durable like wooden hangers. They are slim and non-slip like our velvet hanger range. Also, they have a distinctive crescent shape, which when combined with the non-slip coating is perfect at preventing stretching and shoulder bumps.

This range is especially well suited to jumpers, knitwear and delicates. However, they are extremely versatile and would do a fine job of kitting out your entire wardrobe.

The new white version of this hanger style was recently featured on YouTube channel Madeline Vlogs as part of a brilliant wardrobe declutter.

Jumper Knitwear HangerJumper Knitwear Hanger, Non-Slip Rubber Coating on Chrome Metal Frame, 41cm, WhiteJumper Hanger with Bar, Strong Metal Suit Hanger, Rubber Coating, 41cmNon-Slip Metal Suit Hanger, 41cm, Broad Shoulders & Non-Slip Trouser BarNon-Slip Metal Trouser Hanger - Strong, Open-Ended Space Saving HangerScarf Hanger/Belt Hanger, Set of 2, Metal with Soft Non-Slip CoatingMetal non-slip rubber coated children's hanger

This reel shows YouTuber Madeline putting the new white version of our non-slip metal hangers to use.

Her full wardrobe decluttering video can be viewed here: Madeline’s Wardrobe Declutter

3. Wooden Economy Suit Hanger

Nothing beats wood when it comes to looks.

A clothes rail of matching wooden hangers instantly elevates any wardrobe, giving a sense of calm and organisation.

Our Economy version is especially well suited to decluttering due to it’s flat shape. This allows you to make the best use of your rail space.

It is a brilliant all-round hanger. With it’s trouser bar and shoulder notches, it is able to hang tops, trousers, suits, jackets etc.

4. Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum storage bags are a brilliant space saving solution, which will help you free up space in your wardrobe without having to get rid of anything.

Simply place the clothes you aren’t going to need for a while into the bag, seal it, then suck the air out using either the hand pump (included) or any household vacuum cleaner.

Once compressed, the garments take up far less space and can easily be stored out of the way. Also, the bag will protect those garments from damp and moth damage.

Vacuum storage bags are a powerful and massively underrated bedroom tidying tool. They are without doubt one of the best wardrobe decluttering products available at The Hanger Store.

Vacuum storage bag 503 700

5. Coat Hanger Storage Organiser Bag

Hangers play a big role in helping you to organise and tidy your wardrobe, but they can also become part of the problem.

Unused hangers can clutter up your rail, get tangled, and fall on the floor creating mess.

Our black canvas coat hanger storage hamper is a simple yet incredibly effective solution.

It is shaped to sit neatly in the corner of a room or wardrobe, where you can fill it with any hangers that are not in use. It also has handles, so can easily be moved around.

Also, when not in use, the bag can be folded flat in just a few seconds. This allows it to be stored away safely without taking up valuable space.

Coat Hanger Storage Organiser Bag, Black Canvas

6. 5-Tier Metal Trouser Hanger

Unlike tops and jackets, jeans and trousers don’t need to be hung and displayed in a specific way.

Therefore, when space is limited you don’t want to be hanging one pair per hanger, taking up valuable rail space.

Our stylish 5-tier metal trouser hanger is a fantastic space saver. It allows you to hang up to 5 pairs of trousers – all visible and easily accessible.

Space-Saver 5-Tier Trouser Hanger, Metal with Non Slip BarsSpace-Saver 5-Tier Trouser Hanger, Metal with Non Slip Bars, in use with jeans

7. 7 Shelf Hanging Wardrobe Organiser

Hanging wardrobe organisers are a great option when shelf or drawer space is limited.

Our 7 shelf version has 4 split shelves – perfect for accessories and underwear, and 3 full-size shelves – which are ideal for tops, jumpers and footwear.

The organiser comes folded flat and can be set up in seconds. It attaches to any standard clothes rail.

A simple and affordable solution, which instantly brings order to a cluttered wardrobe.

Hanging Wardrobe Organiser, 7 shelves

8. ‘Scandi Chic’ Laminated Wooden Hangers

Our Scandinavian design-inspired range of laminated wooden hangers isn’t just a stunning visual option. It is also a great choice for maximising use of space and bringing calm and order to your wardrobe.

With their sleek, contemporary design, the ‘Scandi Chic’ range offers something striking different to our more traditional wooden hangers.

The hangers are slim yet strong, and their flat design allows you to make the most efficient use of your hanging space.

42cm scandi chic wooden suit hanger 402 676scandi chic wooden coat hanger 402 67037cm scandi chic wooden trouser clip hanger 402 695

We hope our Best Wardrobe Decluttering Products list is useful in helping you get your closet organised.

If you have any questions, The Hanger Store’s expert team are here to help. Please drop us an email at or call us on +44 (0)1245 253434.

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