Top 8 Best Hangers for Weddings & Special Occasions 2021

wedding dress on white wooden hanger

Special occasions require special hangers. But how to you find the best hangers for weddings and other special occasions?

When you’ve spent all that money buying or hiring the perfect dress or suit, you’re going to need something perfect to hang it on. Something that compliments your outfit and makes sure it is stored safely.

We’ve put together this list of the Top 8 Best Hangers for Weddings & Special Occasions 2021 to help you choose the right hanger for your outfit.

1. Satin Padded Coat Hanger

Padded hangers are surely the ultimate wedding hanger!

Whether it’s for hanging bridesmaid dresses or wedding gowns, the classic, vintage, luxury look of these hangers works perfectly.

With their silk-smooth touch and luxurious padding, they are guaranteed to care for your special garment whilst displaying them to their full potential.

Each hanger comes complete with a decorative bow and has pearl shoulder buttons on each arm, to prevent straps and loops from slipping off.

We stock a range of sizes – 26cm, 30cm, 35cm, 41cm and 47cm in white. We also have a 43cm version in a stunning black.

With these sizes, we have something to cover every age – from babies (26cm), children (30cm), right through to the larger adult versions.

Baby Satin Padded Hanger, 26cm, White/IvoryChild’s Satin Padded Hanger, 30cm, White/Ivory35cm ivory satin padded coat hangers 405 02641cm ivory satin padded coat hanger47cm ivory satin padded coat hanger 405 038Black Satin Padded Hanger, 43cm

2. Luxury Whitewash Beechwood Hanger

This is a true premium wooden hanger.

Made from European beechwood, and with an extra-thick rotatable chrome hook, this beautiful coat hanger is built to last. Just by holding this heavy hanger, you can tell it is of the highest quality.

The attractive whitewash colour works perfectly with your best outfits, including wedding dresses or designer suit jackets.

At 39cm wide, it is especially suitable for slightly smaller items of adult clothing, such as ladies’ garments.

The broad ends of the hanger arms are 4.5cm thick, which will help preserve the natural shape of your jackets, prevent bumps and creases, and display them to their full potential.

They may cost slightly more, but make no mistake, this is a wooden hanger of the very highest quality.

39cm White Wash Beechwood Jacket Hanger - 24

3. Wooden Suit Hanger with Trouser Bar

This great all-round wooden hanger is one of our best-selling styles.

At 44cm it is suitable for virtually all sizes of adult clothing, and with its various features is a great option for weddings and special occasions.

It may lack the luxury looks and premium materials of other wooden options, but this classic design looks the part in all settings.

Each arm has notches, making it suitable for hanging items with straps or loops, such as dresses. It also has a sturdy trouser bar, making it a perfect option for holding a jacket and trousers at the same time.

Available in three colours – white, black, dark, and natural wood – there is an option for all settings and colour schemes.

Wooden Hanger for Suitswooden hangers walnut wood 402 774wooden hangers white wood 402 45644cm Black Wooden Suit Hanger - 100

4. Luxury Black Velvet Suit & Dress Hanger

Hangers like this are often the preferred choice of dress shops and occasion wear boutiques, and with good reason.
With their velvet-style material, they look extremely luxurious. The soft-touch flocking also provides the perfect non-slip surface, which will ensure those special outfits remain in place on the hanger.

These hangers are also broader than most hangers and have an angled design. This ensures the garment is displayed to its full potential, whilst preventing any bumps and creases.

Also, with their non-slip trouser bar and underhooks, they are well-equipped to hang just about anything, including multiple garments at the same time.

Another big advantage is the price – because they are made from plastic, this keeps them extremely affordable.

velvet flocked hanger 406 156

5. 42cm Broad Ended Wooden Jacket Hanger

At 42cm wide, these smart looking wooden hangers are perfect for both ladies and men’s clothing.

With their broad ends and angled design, they help preserve the natural shape of your garments and prevent creasing.
This classic design comes in two colours, white and natural wood.

A timeless design that has proven itself over many years.

42cm White Wooden Broad Jacket Hanger - 24Wooden Jacket Hanger 42cm

6. Luxury Whitewash Beechwood Hanger with Non-Slip Grips

From the same luxury white beechwood range as the second hanger on this list, we offer this style in two sizes – 40cm and 42cm.

Beechwood is a premium material, and combined with the stunning whitewash finish and chunky chrome hook, this makes for a stunning clothes hanger. Perfect for the very best outfits.

The colour goes perfectly with bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses, and thanks to the high-quality non-slip rubber grips, they will hold them firmly in place with no slippage.

wooden hangers white wash beech 404 636luxury white wood hanger

7. Broad Ended 45cm Wooden Hanger with Trouser Bar

One of the best quality and most versatile hanger styles that we stock.

These solid, well-made hangers look fantastic. To ensure there is something to suit your needs, we offer three attractive finishes – white, dark/walnut, or natural wood.

At 45cm they are perfect for larger items, such as men’s jackets. It also features a sturdy trouser bar with rubber non-slip teeth, so is perfect for storing a whole suit safely and securely.

A stunning, brilliant all-round hanger. Unquestionably one of the best hangers for weddings, or any other special occasion.

Broad Wooden Suit HangerWhite Wooden Broad Suit HangerDark Wooden Suit Hanger

8. 42cm Frosted Plastic Hanger

At 42cm, this hanger is perfect for ladies clothing.

It’s bright and understated appearance make it perfect for bridal wear and dresses for special occasions.

The ‘frosted’ white plastic gives the hanger a contemporary, premium feel and appearance. The satin chrome hook also gives it a point of difference – highlighting the fact that this really is a hanger for special occasions.

The hanger is strong and durable – made from the highest quality materials and built to last.

It’s tough construction and broad ends make it an excellent choice for hanging jackets, whilst the large notches on each arm allow easy hanging of dresses and gowns.

And because it is made from plastic, you get a premium quality hanger for a fantastic price.

42cm 'Frosted' Jacket Hanger with Satin Chrome Hook - 25

We hope our Top 8 Best Hangers for Weddings & Special Occasions 2021 list is useful in helping you choose the right hanger for your special outfit. Whether you are looking for ways to hang wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, a tuxedo or your very best suit, we have the right hanger for you.

We also stock a wide range of garment covers and protectors, including extra long dress covers (perfect for wedding dresses) and a premium travel suit carrier – all of which work perfectly alongside the hangers above.

If you have any questions, The Hanger Store’s expert team are here to help. Please drop us an email at or call us on +44 (0)1245 253434.

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