Top 6 Best Hangers for Jumpers 2021

When it comes to storing clothes, jumpers are right up there with the most problematic garments.

Thick ones are notorious for taking up large amounts of storage space, delicate ones can be prone to damage, and most are only used for a relatively short part of the year (depending on which part of the world you are reading this in!).

So how is it best to store your jumpers?

You will often hear people say that sweaters should always be folded and stored either in drawers or on shelves. Hanging jumpers should be avoided, some people say, as it can lead to garments being stretched out or creased at the shoulders.

However, storing jumpers on shelves or in drawers isn’t ideal, and isn’t always an option.

Jumpers stored in drawers can often get pushed to the back, left for months or years, and get forgotten about. As for storing knitwear on shelves, few people have the luxury of having the required shelf space. This solution is not space efficient and often just not practical.

As we will attempt to explain, with the right hanger choices, hanging jumpers does not need to cause garment damage. It can also be a much more practical and space efficient method of storage.

Unlike drawer or shelf storage, all your jumpers can be in view and easily accessible when on hangers. You can also do clever things like arrange your wardrobe so that each jumper is hung alongside other items of clothing that it goes well with – you don’t get this kind of visual benefit when your sweaters are stashed away in drawers.

So what are the best hangers for jumpers? And why? Our Top 6 Best Hangers for Jumpers list will hopefully shed some light and help you with your wardrobe storage decisions.

1. Non-Slip Jumper & Knitwear Hanger

These crescent-shaped metal hangers are unquestionably one of the best coat hangers for storing jumpers.

They are made from a strong and rigid metal, which is coated with a non-slip rubber. Therefore, they can hold thicker and heavier jumpers without them slipping down the arms. This kind of slippage, which can occur with many other metal, wooden or plastic hangers, can lead to both stretching of the garment being hung, or your clothing simply ending up on the floor. The highly effective non-slip material will hold your jumpers firmly in place.

Also, the gentle curve of the hanger and slightly higher shoulders helps prevent bumps and creases. We get many comments from happy customers who are surprised at how this simple design feature can address such a common issue.

An additional benefit of these jumper and knitwear hangers is that they are extremely space efficient. Due to their slim profile, you are able to fit many more on your clothes rail and maximise your storage space.

2. Velvet Slimline Coat Hanger

One of our best-selling hanger styles, a true multipurpose hanger, and a great option for hanging jumpers.

These flocked plastic hangers, with a velvet-feel soft touch, are suitable for hanging most garments.

Their narrow profile means they are a great option for space saving, as you are able to fit more hangers on one clothes rail. Also, thanks to the tie and trouser bars, they are able to hold more than one item at the same time. Their space-efficiency and versatility is why they also appear in our Top 10 Best Wardrobe Space Saving Ideas 2021 list.

The reason we think they are one of the best hangers for jumpers is because of the non-slip material. Not only does this protect your sweaters from damage, it also prevents your jumpers from slipping and stretching.

Also, we stumbled across this clever tip: How To Hang Your Sweaters Without Ruining Them

This method obviously uses up a bit more space, takes a little more time, and doesn’t look quite as good as the usual way of hanging clothes. However, it does show another way of using our velvet hangers to store jumpers. It may be worth considering if your jumpers are likely to be hanging for some time.

Our velvet flocked plastic hangers are incredible value and come in a range of colours.

Velvet flocked, slimline knitwear hangers, multiple colours, 42cm 403-14042cm Slimline Velvet/Flocked Coat Hanger - Grey - 100Velvet flocked, slimline knitwear hangers, multiple colours, pink, 42cm, 403-158403-170velvet flocked hanger 403 164

3. Non-Slip Hanger with Bar & Hooks

Essentially a more versatile variation of the Non-Slip Jumper & Knitwear Hanger already listed.

This high-quality metal hanger features all the same benefits of that hanger – non-slip, gently sloped shoulders, space efficiency and strength. However, this has the bonus of a trouser bar (great for pairing a jumper with a particular pair of trousers), and hooks (for garments with loops or straps).

It may cost ever so slightly more, but is an outstanding high quality hanger.

If you were only going to own one type of hanger that does everything, this would be right up there with the best options.

41cm Non-Slip Knitwear Suit Hanger with Bar and Hooks - 100

4. Extra Wide 46cm Non-Slip Jumper Hanger

They may not be the most stylish looking hangers in your wardrobe, but our 46cm high-shouldered plastic hangers are great value and extremely functional.

They are perfect for hanging jumpers, cardigans, and other delicate knitwear.

With their high shoulders and non-slip surface, they prevent slipping and stretching of your garments. They also have 2cm extra-wide ends, which helps preserves the natural shape of your clothes, preventing bumps and creases.

Also, despite being made from plastic, their U-shape construction makes for a strong and durable hanger. These excellent jumper hangers can handle thicker, heavier garments, and should last you many years.

knitwear hanger 402 328

5. Eco Fibreboard Coat Hanger

There are many criteria that determine the ‘best’ coat hanger for any particular purpose. One consideration that needs to be made these days is the environmental impact of each hanger.

There are some scary statistics on the number of hangers that end up in landfill each year, and the sustainability of the materials used is often largely ignored by businesses and consumers.

Our Eco Fibreboard range of hangers marks a huge step forward. They are one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly types of hanger available.

The hangers are made from 100% reclaimed FSC-approved paper fibres, they are 100% recyclable through regular household recycling, and they are biodegradable.

In addition to their outstanding environmental credentials, they are also tough, durable, and highly functional hangers.

The hanger we have chosen for our Best Hangers for Jumpers list has been selected due to its gently curved shoulders and rounded ends. This helps protect your clothes from bumps and creases.

Also, the hanger material itself has non-slip qualities, which will help prevent your jumpers and cardigans slipping and stretching.

6. ‘Scandi-Chic’ Laminated Wooden Jacket Hanger

Wooden hangers cannot be beaten on looks, and our ‘Scandi-Chic’ range of laminated wooden hangers brings a hint of Scandinavian-inspired style to your wardrobe.

These hangers are high-shouldered and feature a serrated non-slip rubber grip. This makes them perfect for hanging jumpers, cardigans, and other knitwear that might otherwise be prone to slipping and stretching.

With its 25mm depth, this hanger is also slightly thicker than most other hangers. This makes it even more suitable for hanging heavier garments, whilst also giving an extra level of protection against creasing that might occur with some narrower hangers.

An unmatched combination of style and functionality makes this one of the best hangers for jumpers that we sell.

42cm scandi chic wooden jacket hanger 402 686

We hope our Top 6 Best Hangers for Jumpers 2021 list is useful in helping you choose the right hangers for your storage needs.

If you have any questions, The Hanger Store’s expert team are here to help. Please drop us an email at or call us on +44 (0)1245 253434.

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