Top 8 Best Children’s Hangers 2021

Children's Wardrobe With Plastic Hangers

How do you choose the best children’s hangers? When it comes to buying hangers for kid’s clothing, the same things need to be given consideration as when looking for adult hangers.

The goal is a tidy and organised children’s wardrobe. But everyone has slightly different priorities. These include how the wardrobe looks, how much storage space you have, how much you are willing to spend, what kind of clothing you primarily want to hang etc. We’ve put together this list of the very best children’s hangers as a buying guide, to help you chose the right kid’s hangers for your home.

1. 30cm Wooden Children’s Hanger with Notches & Trouser Bar

A classic wooden coat hanger, and quite probably our best-looking children’s hanger.

This wooden kid’s hanger is highly versatile. It has notches on the arms, which allow the hanging of items with straps or loops, such as dresses and swimming costumes.

There is also a trouser bar, which is perfect for hanging bottoms.

At 30cm, it is the perfect size for new-born baby clothing, right through to toddlers and school-age children. With its strong build and high-quality materials, it will easily hold virtually any children’s garments – including baby grows, shirts, coats, and jumpers.

Although not as slim as some other options, it is still a good space-saving option as they can store more than one item at a time. They are also flat hangers, allowing you to fit more hangers on one rail than you would with an angled design. If a smart looking kid’s wardrobe is your priority, these cannot be beaten on looks. They are available in three attractive colours – white, black, and natural wood.

Wooden Children’s Hangerwooden hangers white wood 402 462Black wooden children's hanger

2. Non-Slip Metal Children’s Hanger

Wood and plastic are not the only options. In fact, our 30cm metal children’s hanger with black rubber non-slip coating is one of the best kid’s hangers on the market.

These smaller sized metal hangers have so many benefits. They are strong and durable – able to hold all sizes of children’s clothing, and will last for many years. They are versatile – suitable for all types of tops, bottoms, dresses etc. Their slimline profile means they take up very little rail space, making them great space savers. Also, the crescent shape of the arms combined with the non-slip rubber coating helps prevent slipping, garment damage, bumps, and creases – so perfect for delicate items such as knitwear.

They also look uniquely stylish and are incredible value.

Metal non-slip rubber coated children's hanger

3. Eco Fibreboard Children’s Hanger

One consideration we have not yet mentioned is a big one. Environmental impact and sustainability.

The statistics for the number of hangers that end up in landfill each year are truly terrifying. The vast majority of those are cheap single use plastic hangers and metal wire hangers, which will not biodegrade.

Our wooden hangers are made from lotus wood, a fast-growing and sustainably managed renewable material. They are also made to have a long and useful lifetime. However, once the end of their lifetime is reached, they are not easily recycled.

Our Eco Fibreboard range of coat hangers represents a huge step forward in terms of sustainability.

They are made from 100% recycled paper fibres, they are 100% recyclable through regular household recycling, and they are fully biodegradable.

On top of their outstanding eco credentials, they are also brilliant hangers. They are just as strong as most traditional hangers, have a natural non-slip quality, are slimline and space-efficient, and they look great.

Our 30cm hanger is perfect for all kids clothing – babies, toddlers, right through to school age children.

It is perfect for tops, coats, baby grows and jumpers. It also has notches on each arm for items with straps or loops. For so many reasons, this is right up there with our favourite children’s coat hangers.

Eco-Friendly Children's Hanger, 30cm, from Recyclable Paper Fibreboard

4. Children’s Velvet Flocked Hanger

Our range of adult velvet flocked clothes hangers is one of our most popular styles. Unsurprisingly, the smaller kids’ version is also a big seller. And with good reason.

These 30cm soft-touch non-slip hangers are extremely versatile – suitable for virtually every type of children’s clothing.

They are a low-cost option that represent extremely good value. Yet unlike some plastic hangers, you don’t need to compromise the look of your wardrobe. They are available in four attractive colours – white, grey, pink and purple – and so can be used to fit in with the overall look of your child’s bedroom or nursery. They are also an outstanding space saver. With the incorporated trouser bar, they are able to store more than one item at a time.

Also, their ultra-thin slimline profile means you can fit more hangers on one rail.

Children’s Black Velvet Hanger, 30cm, SlimlineChildren’s Grey Velvet Hanger, 30cm, SlimlineChildren’s White Velvet Hanger, 30cm, SlimlineChildren’s Purple Velvet Hanger, 30cm, SlimlineChildren’s Pink Velvet Hanger, 30cm, Slimline

5. Wooden Children’s Trouser Clip Hanger

This excellent children’s hanger excels when it comes to quality and looks.

Wood cannot be beaten on appearance, and this stylish kid’s hanger is guaranteed to improve the look of any wardrobe or clothes rail. The quality will also guarantee a long and useful life.

At 25cm, and with adjustable clips, it is perfect for a wide range of younger children’s clothing. It is suitable for everything from newborn babies through to school age children.

Although it is designed with trousers and skirts in mind, because of the strong adjustable clips, it can be used to hang many other items. Each clip is also coated with a non-slip rubber, which provides extra grip and protects garments from damage. It may not be as space-efficient as something like the velvet flocked hanger, and is slightly more expensive, but this wooden children’s hanger has a lot going for it.

Kids/Baby Trouser Hanger, Natural Wood, 25cm

6. 30cm Plastic Multi-Purpose Children’s Hanger

Another highly versatile kids coat hanger with some great credentials, despite its low cost.

These are not your average plastic coat hangers like the freebie ones you get in clothes shops. These are well-made using a stronger plastic, and are designed to last.

Available in 4 bright and shiny colours – blue, yellow, pink and white – these hangers are ideal for all children’s tops. The trouser bar means they can also store bottoms, whilst the arm notches allow storage of garments with straps or loops, such as dresses or dungarees.

They are also just 5mm thick, so are extremely efficient space-wise. Our plastic multipurpose children’s hangers are a fantastic choice if you are looking for a low-cost option to both brighten and organise your child’s wardrobe.

Blue Plastic Kids Hanger, Multi Purpose, 30cmPink Plastic Kids Hanger, Multi Purpose, 30cmWhite Plastic Kids Hanger, Multi Purpose, 30cmYellow Plastic Kids Hanger, Multi Purpose, 30cm

7. Child’s Satin Padded Hanger

Our range of padded coat hangers includes two that are perfect for baby and children’s clothing.

Padded hangers are perfect for special occasions, such as weddings. They are also great for hanging those extra-special items of clothing, such as a best dress or designer gown.

They are a hugely popular choice for hanging bridesmaid dresses.

In addition to their stylish vintage appearance, the luxurious silk-like material and padding is also perfect for protecting your garments.

Each hanger has pearl buttons on each shoulder, which allows for non-slip hanging of items with straps or loops – such as dresses, gowns, nightwear, and lingerie. Our 26cm padded hanger is perfectly suited to baby and young children’s clothing. The 30cm version is best suited to school age children. We also stock larger versions for teenagers and adults, in 35cm, 41cm and 47cm.

Child’s Satin Padded Hanger, 30cm, White/IvoryBaby Satin Padded Hanger, 26cm, White/Ivory

8. 26cm Wooden Baby Hanger with Notches

A tad smaller than the 30cm wooden kid’s hanger already listed, this 26cm wooden children’s coat hanger is best suited for young children’s clothing – from newborn babies through to young school age children.

A simple, stylish, classic design – this hanger is ideal for all tops, including shirts, baby grows, coats and jumpers.

The notches on the arms also allow for secure hanging of garments with straps or loops, such as dresses or dungarees.

This hanger also has a flat, rather than angled, design. This enables you to make the best use of hanging space by fitting more hangers on one rail. If you need a wooden children’s hanger that also holds trousers, our 30cm kids’ hanger would be the one to go for. But this is a high-quality children’s coat hanger with plenty going for it, and costs slightly less than the other version.

Wooden Baby Hanger with Notches

We hope our Top 8 Best Children’s Hangers 2021 list is useful in helping you choose the right hanger for your child’s bedroom storage needs.

Our Children & Baby Hangers homepage also features a sizing guide, which you may find helpful in choosing the right size kid’s hangers for your requirements.

If you have any questions, The Hanger Store’s expert team are here to help. Please drop us an email at or call us on +44 (0)1245 253434.

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