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Hangers for Knitwear


Meet the latest addition to our knitwear hanger family! It has the best features to support knitted and heavy clothes:

- tough plastic material to take the weight

- broad shoulder ends (20mm)

- raised non-slip ribs: these provided a better grip to stop heavier garments slipping off

- long, gently sloping shoulder bars compared to normal hangers: again, these help to stop heavy clothing such as knitwear from slipping off the hanger.

All in all, it's the ideal hanger for knitwear and heavy garments. And it's even cheaper and more stylish than our current range!





Our new knitwear hanger with its clever little ridges – precision engineering to keep your knitwear under control!

Strong cable ties with many applications!

These cable ties are the most colourful products on our sister website at As well as keeping bundles of clothes on coat hangers together for security and ease of handling, they’re very handy for a load of DIY jobs around the home. For instance, they’re a good way of fixing electric cables safely together or tying plants to garden stakes.

However, with the film release of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ last week, cable ties seem to have become a whole lot more colourful, but for very different reasons! It seems our catalogue showed a lot of foresight when it said ‘These strong nylon cable ties have many potential applications’.

Follow the link above for a range of colourful cable ties at incredible prices. Please note, however, there are none in shades of grey!

Avoid the ultimate wardrobe malfunction – the collapsing DIY clothes rail!

Whether it collapses right in front of you or you just hear a soft thud in the night, the result is the same – all your clothes in a heap on the floor.  And a big mess while you try to find enough door handles, hooks, curtain rails etc. to rescue your stuff.

Help is at hand!

The Hanger Store is now selling industrial-strength metal garment rails.  Our sister company imports them for fashion retailers to use in shops, so they’ll easily take the pressure in the average home or business.  Amazingly easy to assemble, you don’t even need a screwdriver or Allen Key!!

6 foot long and 5 foot 3 inches high, it comes with castor wheels for easy mobility.  Ideal for:

- The home – bedrooms, walk-in wardrobes, extra storage

- Moving house

- Fashion retailers, charity shops and anyone else selling clothes

- Boot sales (we also sell extra heavy duty wheels if you’re going cross-country!)

- Hospitality areas of any kind (e.g. office reception areas).

Best of all, NO plastic joints waiting to snap!

Hangers with that Xtra Something!

The X Factor’s known for its rigorous selection process.  So we’re delighted that the Hanger Store’s natural wooden hangers have passed the X Factor test to earn their place in the contestants’ house.

The contestants’ house has natural wood bed furniture, so picking the Hanger Store’s natural wooden hangers must have been an uncontroversial, un-agonising choice – something you don’t often find on the X Factor!  We hope our hangers will give the contestants an extra boost in the final gruelling rounds and add even more style and harmony to the competition!

The Hanger Store on the BBC!

And your special subject is ...... the history of coat hangers!


An unlikely subject for a BBC chat show, perhaps. But this was the subject The Hanger Store's marketing manager John Blake was asked to discuss on the Joanne Good Show on BBC Radio London on April 25th.

The official history of coat hangers only begins in the 1800s, with the patenting of the wire hanger in 1869 and later in 1903 by Albert J. Parkhouse (who was concerned that his work colleagues had nowhere to hang their coats). It is possible a wooden hanger was 'invented' earlier by Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of the USA, who liked his clothes and was a dab hand at inventing things.

jo2 What happened before that is one of history's great mysteries. While most people wouldn't have had a spare set of clothes to hang, it seems odd that so little survives about how the privileged few looked after their ostentatious dress when not in use. As Sir John Vanbrugh says in a play called 'The Suitor' in 1704, 'T'is a poorly fellow who hath not a hanger for his cloak'. Such sentiments must have been shared by most of the aristocracy, who would hardly want their clothes to look as if they had just been picked up from a crumpled heap on the floor.

It is easy to imagine the CDC's quality hangers gracing the wardrobes of the rich in a bygone age. Our wooden hanger range includes several 'heritage' hangers that would be quite at home in the wardrobes of Downton, whilst our classy black or ivory satin padded hangers would have helped any of Jane Austin's heroines to cut a fine figure and attract the attention of a 'single man in possession of a good fortune' (Pride and Prejudice). jo3


Jo Good was delighted to hear that there is more to coat hangers (past and present) than the wire 'dry cleaner' hanger that dominates recorded history. That said, Professor Angus Wallace phoned in to recount how in 1995, at 35,000 feet, he saved the life of a fellow passenger who had suffered a collapsed lung on the way back from Hong Kong, with the aid of a wire hanger and a urinary catheter! We have to admit that most of CDC's hangers, whether heritage or stylish contemporary, would probably do more harm than good in this rather unusual situation!

After the show, John said 'Although I initially thought the phone call inviting us on the radio was a prank, the show was a wonderful experience and I was honoured to be asked. I've done two history degrees, but neither included a course on coat hangers, so the research was fascinating! Many thanks to Jo Good for promoting the history of the humble hanger, as well as for her excellent taste in coat hangers'.


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