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Avoid the ultimate wardrobe malfunction – the collapsing DIY clothes rail!

Whether it collapses right in front of you or you just hear a soft thud in the night, the result is the same – all your clothes in a heap on the floor.  And a big mess while you try to find enough door handles, hooks, curtain rails etc. to rescue your stuff.

Help is at hand!

The Hanger Store is now selling industrial-strength metal garment rails.  Our sister company imports them for fashion retailers to use in shops, so they’ll easily take the pressure in the average home or business.  Amazingly easy to assemble, you don’t even need a screwdriver or Allen Key!!

6 foot long and 5 foot 3 inches high, it comes with castor wheels for easy mobility.  Ideal for:

- The home – bedrooms, walk-in wardrobes, extra storage

- Moving house

- Fashion retailers, charity shops and anyone else selling clothes

- Boot sales (we also sell extra heavy duty wheels if you’re going cross-country!)

- Hospitality areas of any kind (e.g. office reception areas).

Best of all, NO plastic joints waiting to snap!