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Richard III: A coat hanger could have made all the difference!

How different King Richard III's reputation might have been if only he'd possessed a decent coat hanger!

Last week’s discovery of his body in a Leicester car park showed that his spine did indeed have a slight curve.  This undeniable fact clearly made it easy for the Tudor propaganda machine to portray him as a hideously deformed villain, with a character to match.

Tudor portraits such as this, by an unknown late 16th century artist, clearly shows his tunic falling away from his left shoulder in an unseemly, disorganised fashion – ill-befitting an English king.  But sadly such propaganda must have struck a chord with those who remembered seeing him in the flesh.

How different history might have been if the royal wardrobe had possessed some of The Hanger Store’s robust and shapely hangers.  These would have kept the royal tunic in good shape overnight and into the following day, ensuring that Richard’s curvaceous spine remained a secret until its final unveiling last week.

For less than 8 angels  at today’s prices (£2.60 including VAT and carriage!), the last Plantagenet king could have been the proud owner of one of our natural wooden broad jacket hangers, whose 2⅛ inch shoulders would have provided perfect support for that crucial left shoulder.  Or if the royal coffers were hard pressed and/or the royal garments were woollen, Richard could have purchased a specialist knitwear hanger that would have kept his woollens firmly on the hanger and in good shape, for less than 125 groats  (41p)!

Even better, he might have followed modern retailers by colour-enhancing his brand.  To match the white Yorkist rose, just 9 angels (£3.04) would have got him a top quality white wooden jacket hanger!  Closer attention to corporate branding would no doubt have delivered a hugh morale boost, so the Yorkists might have won the Battle of Bosworth.  But even if not, due to their outstanding strength and robustness, our wooden hangers come in handy in close combat if you’re defending your kingdom without a horse!

But  ‘O, no! alas,’ as Richard exclaims in Shakespeare’s Richard III Act 5, Scene 3.  For, although we have now been supplying the fashion trade for over 25 years, we weren’t around in 1485.  So Richard’s unsupported clothes betrayed his secret curves, allowing his reputation to follow him and his clothes into the mud.

And the rest, as they say, is history.  So, if history teaches us anything, it is surely the importance of a good coat hanger.


History changing hangers from The Hanger Store!!

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